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E26: 7 Domains of Pelvic Pain

So often, pain affects how we live our lives and can determine whether the day is good or bad. For 50% of the people on this planet—those born with female parts—the pelvic region can…

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Pain Management and Preparing for Surgery - Joint Academy

This is the Pain Management Session of the University of Utah Orthopaedic Center's Joint Academy, designed to offer techniques for pain relief in relation to surgery. The web site reference in…

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The Role of Prescription Opiates in Orthopaedic Practice

The Role of Prescription Opiates in Orthopaedic Practice - by Thomas Higgins, MD. Orthopaedic Trauma Surgeon with the University of Utah Orthopaedic Center.

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Pain Killers Don’t Work For Me Anymore – Am I Normal?

The prescription pain relievers you once used after an injury or surgery seem to no longer be helping with the pain. After extended use, drugs like morphine or oxycodone may not provide the same pain…

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Health Headlines and the Physician Perspective: Opioid Pain Medications

Opioid-based prescription pain medications are the third leading cause of death for Utah adults under 65 years of age. Given their dangers, should physicians continue to prescribe opioid pain…

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Daily Exercise—Instead of Meds—to Reduce Back Pain

Back problems are painful. You might be thinking that more movement will cause more pain, so medication is your safest bet. But medicine is neither the only nor the best treatment for back pain. Dr.…

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Debi Lundskog: How One Thing Can Make A Difference

RN Debi Lundskog talks about pain management; one thing can make a difference

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Sara Winter-Boyer, M.D.: A Provider's Experience With Pain Management

Provider Sara Winter-Boyer, M.D.'s, experience with pain management as a patient

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Carol Henderson: A Nurse's Practical Experience with Pain Management

Carol Henderson, RN's, personal experience with pain management as a patient

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Emily Hagn: Practical Inpatient Pain Care

Emily Hagn, M.D., fellow studying chornic pain, gives a presentation on practical treatment of chronic pain

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Travis: A Young Man's Personal Perspective on His Chronic Pain Experience

Patient with chronic pain, Travis, discusses his experience working with specialists on chronic pain management triggered by an injury

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Nursing Innovation Report 2012- Pain Management

Barb Wohlitz, patient recipient of abdominal surgery, discusses her experience with pain management post operatively

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