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Otolaryngology - Jackler Q&A

OTO Update - Jackler Q & A

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Otolaryngology - Jackler Lecture

OTO Update - Jackler Lecture

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Otolaryngology - Flint Q&A

OTO Update - Flint Q & A

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Otolaryngology - Flint Lecture

OTO Update - Flint Lecture

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Otolaryngology - Eisele Q&A

OTO Update - Eisele Q & A

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Otolaryngology - Eisele

OTO Update

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Assessment and Reassessment Using CAPA, A Demonstration

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Travis: A Young Man's Personal Perspective on His Chronic Pain Experience

Patient with chronic pain, Travis, discusses his experience working with specialists on chronic pain management triggered by an injury

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Nursing Innovation Report 2012- Pain Management

Barb Wohlitz, patient recipient of abdominal surgery, discusses her experience with pain management post operatively

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Nursing Innovation Report 2012-Huntsman Oncology

Collaboration at the Hunstman Cancer Center Oncology ICU "What's best for the patient?"

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Health Care Transformation: An Introduction

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Catching Stroke in It's Earlier Stages

New Machine gives Doctors the ability to catch stroge in it's earlier stages

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