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Pioneering the Future: Redefining Diabetes

High-impact discoveries at University of Utah Health are transforming how we think about the causes of diabetes and solutions to combat the disease. These advances could hardly come at a better time.…

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Rising Costs Force Some with Diabetes to Sacrifice Basic Needs for Medicine

Millions of Americans with diabetes inject themselves with insulin every day, or multiple times a day, to manage their disease. While that’s hard enough the soaring price of the drug has made…

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Controlling Your Diabetes

Even if you already have diabetes, it's not too late to make positive lifestyle changes that can impact your quality of life. On today's Health Minute, Dr. Steven Lofgran shares some…

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How Much Exercise is Enough to Prevent Diabetes?

If you are pre-diabetic, a regular weekly exercise routine can be an important and easy way to prevent diabetes. On today's Health Minute, endocrinologist Dr. Tim Graham talks about why as…

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Indicators for Pre-Diabetes

There are often no physical symptoms for pre-diabetes, but having high cholesterol, obese with belly fat, or a family history of diabetes can all be indicators you are at risk. On today's Health…

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Management of Gestational Diabetes (09.08.2017)

Join Dr. Brett Einerson in a Pregnancy Care ECHO presentation on Management of Gestational Diabetes from Friday, September 9, 2017.

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Exercise is the Best Way to Control Diabetes

Regular exercise is a critical component to controlling diabetes, along with a healthy diet. On today's Health Minute, endocrinologist Dr. Tim Graham explains how exercise can help people with…

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Running to Prevent Diabetes

"Basically any movement is great, as long as you're off that couch or away from the computer." Mark Hiatt, executive medical director for Regence BlueCross BlueShield, talks about some…

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Health Minute: Cost of Diabetes

One out of every ten healthcare dollars is spent on diabetes. On today's Health Minute, diabetes care specialist Dr. Pamela Phares explains why diabetes is such a serious cost for the healthcare…

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Health Minute: Continuous Glucose Monitoring for Diabetes

For people with diabetes, monitoring blood sugar levels have gotten easier with technologies that can monitor in real time. On today's Health Minute, Michelle Litchman, a nurse practitioner with…

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You May Be Pre-Diabetic and Not Even Know it

The biggest health epidemic in the United States right now is pre-diabetes. Forty percent of Americans are pre-diabetic and don't even know it. On today's Health Minute, diabetes expert Dr.…

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Online Peer Health for Managing Diabetes

Peer-based support groups have been successful for a multitude of conditions and afflictions. These communities provide support, advice, and experience to help with everything from addiction to…

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Smart Insulin

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Buildup of “Toxic Fat” Metabolite Could Explain Why Some Thin People Are Prone to Diabetes

For years, scientists have known that someone who is thin could still end up with diabetes. Yet an obese person may be surprisingly healthy. Scott Summers, Ph.D., chair of nutrition and integrative…

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My Child was Just Diagnosed With Type 1 Diabetes. Now What?

Every year, 13,000 children in the US are diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, while more than 1 million kids and adults deal with it every day in our nation. There is no prevention for type 1 diabetes,…

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Debunking Old Wives' Tales: 10 Myths About Diabetes

You’ve probably heard the old wives’ tale, “don’t let your child eat sugar, or they’ll get diabetes.” Is this true? Is it true that there is a cure for diabetes?…

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