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Eye Rubbing Can Damage Your Eyes

It might feel good to rub your eyes if they itch, but chronic eye rubbing can result in a weakening and distortion of the cornea. On this Health Minute, ophthalmologist Dr. Mark Mifflin talks about…

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Rubbing Your Eyes Is Bad

The occasional “knuckle rub” to an itching eye can feel relieving, especially as allergy season starts. But according to Dr. Mark Mifflin, professor of ophthalmology, chronic eye itching…

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The Latest Techniques for Cornea Transplant Surgery

As scary as it might sound, cornea transplant surgery is actually very safe. Advances in the past 10 years have even allowed eye surgeons to shorten recovery time for some procedures from six months…

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Knowing What to Expect Helps LASIK Patients Feel More Comfortable

Even though hundreds of thousands of LASIK procedures are performed safely every year, it can still be scary. Dr. Mark Mifflin at the Moran Eye Center finds that when patients know what’s going…

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Physician Profile: Mark Mifflin

Dr. Mark Mifflin talks about his medical philosophy and what makes his practice unique.

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