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Does My Child Need an Emotional Support Animal?

Animals can provide comfort, this is a fact. But an emotional support animal is not a pet or a service animal and requires specific training and certification. Some parents may think to request a…

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Well-Child Visits During COVID-19

Well-child visits are still happening, even during a global health pandemic. The good news is your doctor's office is probably one of the safest places to be during COVID-19 outside of your…

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How to Choose Your Next Pediatrician

Your relationship with your child’s pediatrician is important. Whether it be because of a move or a change in insurance, finding a new doctor for your child can be a very stressful situation.…

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Debunking Old Wives' Tales: Stuff That Comes Out of Your Child's Nose

Noses can be pretty gross snot factories, creating mucus of all colors and consistencies. When should you be concerned? What if it’s green? What if it’s red? Dr. Cindy Gellner takes a…

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Helping a Young Child Cope After a Stressful or Traumatic Event

From separation anxiety on the first day of school to serious injuries or accidents, young children experience stress and trauma just like everyone else. What can parents do to comfort a child…

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How to Prepare Your Child For the Flu Shot

The nasal spray flu vaccine is out. Regulators have dumped the needle-free alternative after new evidence shows the treatment will be ineffective during the 2016-2017 flu season. For parents, this…

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When A Traditional Autopsy Fails, DNA May Have the Answer

The unexpected death of a child is tragic under any circumstance, but it becomes even more so when the reason why is unknown. Martin Tristani-Firouzi, M.D., a pediatric cardiologist at the University…

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Debunking Old Wives' Tales: Children’s Eye Health

Will eating carrots really improve your child's eyesight? Or will reading in a dim room ruin your eyesight? Dr. Cindy Gellner stops by to discuss the common eyesight myths everyone hears as a…

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Debunking Old Wives' Tales: What a Child Should Eat and Drink

Will drinking coffee stunt your child's growth? Does chocolate really give you acne? Is fish brain food? Dr. Cindy Gellner stops by to tell us which tales are true, and which to forget about.

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The Importance of Playtime for Children

Playtime is a crucial time when preschoolers learn problem solving and how to share. Dr. Cindy Gellner discusses how and why a child's playtime is essential for good development.

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Debunking Old Wives' Tales: 4 Myths About Toddlers

Everyone has heard old wives’ tales about raising children at some point, but are any of them true? Will wearing shoes really help a toddler learn to walk sooner? Dr. Cindy Gellner tells us…

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What to Do About Your Child's Earwax

Is your child a wax factory? Earwax can be gross for parents to deal with, but it has its purposes. Dr. Cindy Gellner shares with us how to clean out a child's ear the correct way and the…

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Health Headlines and the Physician Perspective: Concussions and Playgrounds

When you think about concussions and kids, contact sports tend to be the fist thing that comes to mind. But a CDC study reports concussions on the playground are also on the rise. To help us…

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Duct Tape: An Effective Treatment for Warts

Warts are raised, round, rough growths on the surface of the skin. They are very common and most people have dealt with one at some point. Warts usually go away without treatment in two to three…

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What to Do About Your Child’s Ingrown Toenail

An ingrown toenail can cause a lot of pain, especially in children. There are different causes for an ingrown toenail, but the most common are tight shoes. Pediatrician Dr. Cindy Gellner tells you…

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Time to Visit the Doctor for Your Child’s Chicken Pox?

While it is rare these days, some children still catch chicken pox. Will old-fashioned remedies like an oatmeal bath work? Or should you take her to the pediatrician? Dr. Cindy Gellner goes…

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